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Research Fellow

Giulia Cosco

Giulia Cosco - Photo
A passion for cutting-edge technologies

Research Fellow

Giulia Cosco is a Research Fellow for Impacting Business by Design (IBbD) in Brunel University London. Giulia is a Design Engineer with a passion for art and coding, Additive Manufacturing, and cutting-edge technologies. She supports the evaluation and management of IBbD projects and collaboratively works on the design process.

University Association
  • BSc in Product Design
  • MSc in Design Engineering
Industrial Designer

Phillip Phelan

Philip is a former LG Senior Designer and consultant. He has also been a Mentor/Lecturer at St. Martins, UAL and Brunel. He is a co-patentee on Philips bedroom sleep-aid technology. Product-driven, he enjoys the challenges that IBbD projects offer and looks forward to seeing their success in the mar...