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This is Far-UK

Impacting Business by Design has collaborated with Far-UK to develop a product coming to the market soon!


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Progression of the Project

01Size Confirmation

We undertook a body of work to ensure the product fitted its target audience.

02Research & Surveys

Researching the product area and undertaking surveys to ensure the product was fit for purpose.

03Prototype Testing

Does it work? YES!

The Brief:

Far-UK approached Impacting Business by Design with a material they had been developing that would have a really useful application should the design be suited to their manufacturing processes. The product would require to be tested to ensure it was suitable for the intended user and commercial application.

The Solution:

Initially, the team at DMU visited Far-UK at their Nottingham based site to understand their manufacturing processes and how the design could accommodate these processes. Far were intending to use an innovative and fully customisable solution at this point. The designers then developed a range of concepts and outlined a particular size guide that would align to the manufacturing process. This project developed through the COVID 19 pandemic however, and through the manufacture and commercialisation of a similar product it became clear that the manufacturing process needed to change. The IBbD team at DMU then developed a prototype and gained user insights from their experience of using it. This then outlined the final developments that needed to be implemented to configure the size guide and ensure the product serviced its target market as widely as it could. As always with the IBbD programme, this is a partnership and collaboration. A way of ensuring this is for our partners to match fund our intervention. Far matched or invested ad additional £46k to our design intervention, concluding in a total project value of approximately £74K.


Initial Investment


Match Funding from Far
Thoughts from Far-UK

Testimonial from Far-UK

Working with the IBbD team was a big step for us. They took us from an initial idea for a product through the process of design and prototyping. Working together we convinced ourselves that the product range we have designed together has a market and can make a real difference once it is launched into production.

Lyndon Sanders
Director - Far-UK
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