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Control One by Digit Music

Control One – Music for everyone

Music is in all of us

This is Control One

Si Tew from Digit Music approached us in June 2019 and by October 2019 his prototype was delivered. Within a few weeks the IBbD team worked with him to understand his requirements and how this new product could impact not only on his company but also his target audience.

Working in partnership with Digit Music has been an eye-opening experience and the IBbD team have had as much to learn and gain as Digit Music. Even now we are continually working with Si and his team to ensure he is supported throughout the product commercialisation process with him even hiring another member of his team to aid in the growth of Digit Music.


  • Easy to use
  • inclusive for all
  • can work alone or as an ensemble
  • no music knowledge required
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Concept to reality

Progression of the project

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01Concept generation

Our team worked with Digit Music to take a great idea and turn it into something beautiful and functional.

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02Prototype development

We turned digital into physical and created the Control One prototype to ensure the electronics compatible

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03Final tweaks

Ensuring a product is functional and working always consists of a few final amendments. The IBbD team worked on these before the final prototype was delivered to Digit Music.

The problem

The brief for Control One

Digit Music wanted to develop an inclusive music controller for children so that they can compose music while at school and at home without the need to play a specialist instrument.

Working in the music production industry Digit Music had developed a mechanism for children with varying degrees of disability to be able to compose and write music. This included being part of a 10 piece orchestra.

Digit Music approached Impacting Business by Design to aid in the development of this specific controller to aid those with disability in creating music with a more ergonomic and tested method of using Digit Music’s system to be incorporated within the School curriculum.

The solution

The solution

The Impacting Business by Design team were so excited to get involved with such an innovative yet simple idea. Our team of designers and project managers worked with Digit Music and the expertise that Digit Music brought to this design challenge to create a product that could be used in schools and for future marketing purposes to aid in the growth of Digit Music as a company.

The support doesn't stop there, the IBbD team will now network Digit Music with key contacts to enable the best chances of product commercialisation. These can include, manufacturers, access to private finance, marketing and branding experts and other business growth opportunities.


Initial investment

12 weeks

Concept to prototype

Thoughts from Digit Music

Working with IBbD has really transformed what my company, Digit Music, is able to deliver. They were able to turn around a product to a short timescale and delivered over and above on every element. I feel that I now have an experienced team supporting me, not only with product design, but with business support as we progress.

Si Tew
Founder of Digit Music
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