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Batbox – The Bat Detection Device

Batbox Duet + by Batbox

This is Batbox Duet +

Impacting Business by Design is currently working with Batbox to develop and update their range of bat detection devices.


  • Easy to use
  • Efficient to assemble and service.
  • An updated brand identity
  • A product for the future.
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Progression of the Project:

011. Concept – Brand Exploration

Our team worked with Batbox to take a great product and upgrade it to be a market leading device.

022. Product Development

We turned concept into reality through CAD and sketch modelling.

033. Working Prototype

The IBbD Team worked with outsourced electronics suppliers to aid in the development of the working prototype.

The Brief:

Batbox approached the Impacting Business by Design team with a unique challenge. Having recently been acquired by new management there was an appetite to upgrade the Batbox family of products by creating a new brand language, improve the user experience for the enthusiasts and to create a product that would stand the test of time.

The Solution:

The IBbD team delivered just that! The design team collaborated with Batbox to ensure that the new product developed would initiate and drive Batbox’s new brand identity and marketing strategy. The team looked at how bat detection devices were used (…they got very cold and wet during this experience!). The electronics were upgraded to provide a better experience when on a bat detection mission. The product is designed to utilise more economical manufacturing methods whilst making it easy to service and calibrate.

The prototype was initially intended to be launched at the National Bat Exhibition in September 2020 although this has been delayed due to the current pandemic. Keep your eyes (…and Ear’s) peeled for the Batbox Duet+ hitting the shelves soon!


Initial Investment

40 weeks

Concept to Date

Thoughts from Batbox

From the very first meeting it was clear that IBbD team knew what they were talking about! They listened and actively questioned my requirements, then pushed my thoughts even further to get us to where we are today – great design with electronic functions to match.

The new Batbox Duet + will take bat detectors to the next level and reaffirm our position as the UK’s largest manufacturer of hand held bat detectors.

John Tyrrell
MD - Batbox
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