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Airhead – The revolutionary facemask

Airhead Facemask by Airhead

This is Airhead

Impacting Business by Design has been working with Airhead to design a revolutionary Pollution Mask with an Airtight Fit.


  • Anti-fog when worn with glasses
  • Airtight TPE seal maximises protection
  • Filters capable of blocking >99% of particulate matter
  • Changeable Airskin enables personalisation
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Progression of the Project:

011. Concept – Feasibility Study

Our team worked with Airhead to understand the feasibility of the novel facemask.

022. Product/Prototype Development

Through prototyping and modelling we developed a working prototype.

033. Kickstarter Campaign

Airhead took this prototype and created an incredible Kickstarter Campaign!

The Brief:

In June 2019 Airhead approached the Impacting Business by Design team with a unique challenge. To design a face mask which provided an airtight seal around the users face initially for commuting to reduce the effects of air pollution when cycling or walking in built up areas. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine the sheer impact this project would have only a year later!

The Solution:

Working in collaboration with Airhead, IBbD were able to take the initial idea and develop it through rigorous prototypes and expert input to create the Airhead mask. The design and execution of the working prototype gave Airhead the physical product they needed to create a fantastic Kickstarter campaign to get their product into manufacture. Through the success of this campaign Airhead were able to retail their product and aid in the facilitation of PPE throughout the COVID19 Pandemic.

The product has been one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever (top 0.5%)! You can buy your Airhead mask here!


Initial Investment

52 weeks

of Project Support

Thoughts from Airhead

IBbD was a real game-changer for our business. They provided the technical expertise, experience and funding that we needed to develop our idea and launch to market. The team at Brunel University were able to provide wide-ranging support across product design, prototyping, graphics and manufacturing that plugged the gaps we had as a founding team. We’re hugely grateful for all the support we’ve received as part of the programme.

Alex Smith
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