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How we breakdown our process



Let’s get to know each other. This is the beginning of our engagement to work with your organisation to develop a new product and embed design capabilities within your organisation.

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Enrolment is where you outline your design project and how design can aid your company to grow. This could be a new product in an existing market, a product developed for a new market or a new product for a new market. We are keen to see how you will commercialise this idea and the impact this could have on your organisation.

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This is where the excitement starts – our designers will work with you to create a new product that you and us will be proud of. The IBbD design team will work with you to ensure you have the skills and understanding of your product to take it to market.

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Product Launch

We will support you all the way through to the product launch – we would love to see your product succeed in the market!

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Account Management

Keeping in contact is key to understanding the success of our collaboration to develop your new product. Understanding the sales forecast of your product enables us to see when our proposal costs could be returned.

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Your product has made it into the market and generated 4 times the revenue!

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