Who’s behind Impacting Business by Design?

De Montfort University has joined forces with Nottingham Trent University and Brunel University to create a specialist programme known as Impacting Business by Design (IBbD) – working with SME’s in England to develop and commercialise new product ideas and innovations.

Our team will work tirelessly to embed design capabilities into your organisation. With a wealth of product design, app development and project management experience, our team can support you from initial enquiry all the way through to your product hitting the shelves and generating revenue. If there is something our team do not know, we can work with external academics within our organisations or external consultants to embed the required expertise.

The support for your design innovation projects and capability-development is only possible because of the Connecting Capability Fund (CCF) Grant from Research England. It aims to improve the knowledge exchange capabilities between academia and industry to improve the country’s industrial competitiveness. IBbD hopes to aid in this knowledge exchange by embedding expertise from academia to industry for the purpose of successful product commercialisation.

De Montfort University

As the lead institution delivering the Impacting Business by Design programme De Montfort University has a proven track record in deliver design support to SME’s. The team here as proven experience in design innovation working across a variety of different sectors and expertise in both research and project management. With a team of four full time designers and the ability to tap into award winning facilities the De Montfort Team can assist in turning your product ideas into reality.

Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University have a experienced and highly dedicated team of 4 designers with a variety of cross sector experience. With an extensive portfolio of previous consultancy projects that have been commercially successful Nottingham Trents team of designers will work with you to ensure you are fully up to speed in the design process and will work with you throughout to ensure your product is ready for manufacture.

Brunel University

Brunel University, based in Uxbridge, have a team of 2 designers who will work with you to aid in your product innovation. With experience in recreational products, Brunel will ensure that your design innovation hits the ground running.


If you’d like to learn more about the teams involved, check out our about page – or get in touch here.