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All about our Grant Support

What our support can do for you and your company

Delivering the best solutions for you

We aim to bring lasting improvements to UK businesses

IBbD’s team of self funded designers work closely with you to understand your new product development requirements, how we can embed design thinking into your organisation, help you to develop a working prototype and both network and signpost you to additional business support to help your business grow.

Any challenges outside the skill set of the IBbD designers and academics can be addressed through a wide network of experts and partners to make your project a success while also sharing and developing best practise.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property, IBbD and you

Intellectual property can be a mine field but IBbD hopes to take some of the stress out of this. Any background IP brought by either the university or our partner is theirs to keep. Any new IP generated through the course of the IBbD design intervention will be the property of IBbD's until the repayable advance is returned to IBbD. At this point all IP will be transferred to the partner organisation.

All about state aid

State aid and what it means for our partners

State aid and its impact on organisations can be tricky to navigate. IBbD works under the General Block Exemption rule for 'experimental development'. This is from an initial concept all the way through to a working prototype of your idea. Throughout the design process we will work with you as a partner to ensure you understand where you are in regard to State Aid and your co-investment.

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