The Impacting Business by Design Team at Nottingham Trent University are holding a training event for organisations to discuss and explain how Design can impact your business.


Event Details:

This will be a 1 hour webinar session targeted at SMEs and start ups who are interested in developing their understanding of design in order to develop or improve their own products.

It will be a guide for the completely uninitiated through to those who have limited experience in developing products both in-house and with consultancies.

The session will cover a broad range of themes in just 1 hour and we hope that it will give you a taste of the design process, planting the seeds for you to go and develop your understanding further.



Design Management

  • How can a design function run concurrently with other functions of your business?
  • What tools can we use to help ensure we have a good balance of research, creativity and business acumen?

Design Skills

  • What skills do you need to successfully develop your own products in-house?

Design Technologies

  • What are the common technologies and tools used in the product design process?


  • Tips and techniques – what do you need to get out of your prototype?


  • How do standards and regulations affect the design process?


  • Tips on possible sources of funding for your new product.

Any Questions? 

If you have any questions, please email: